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Room Additions

Do you look around your home and think that if that wall were just moved a few feet out then you would have the space that you need? Have you contemplated moving because your kids are outgrowing your home? A-Team Builders has a solution for you. We specialize in building room additions that can transform your home into the spacious villa you want it to be.

We can expand a room to make it bigger or we can build additional rooms to suit your needs. This includes dens, offices, gyms, living rooms, even additional bathrooms or a new kitchen. Building or remodeling can take a number of different forms and we are experts at creating spacial solutions that can make your floor plan function more effectively.

If you have elderly parents or grandparents as many of us do we would be happy to build an in-law apartment or add additional rooms for you. With the uncertainty in today's job market and an economy in recession it is often more sensible to keep our loved ones at home instead of seeking out long-term care or assisted living facilities.

A-team Builders takes a hands on approach on all of our building projects from demolition and clearance through planning, design and construction. We have a team of architects, engineers, carpenters, electricians and plumbers that we supervise directly so that no aspect of any construction or renovation project is overlooked. Building, to us, is an art and we are the artists. Give us a call and let us create a masterpiece for you.

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